Where do I send my Redfield mounts for service or repair?

Vista Outdoor

9200 Cody St

Overland Park, KS 66214

Do I need to special tool to install Redfield dovetail rings?

No, a standard 5/8” wrench fit the flat side of the rings which can allow you to turn 90 degrees to a proper position.

What are the Redfield dovetail rings and bases made of?

Redfield dovetail rings are cut from a single piece of steel.

Where are Redfield mounts made?

Redfield mount are made in USA

What size are the Torx screws used on the Redfield Dovetail rings and bases.

Redfield dovetail rings and bases utilize a Torx 15 (T15) bit.

How many in-lbs do I tighten the rings and/or bases to?

Turn In Rings and Bases Torque Specs

i. Base Screws                        15 in/lbs

ii. Ring Cap Screws               20 in/lbs

iii. Windage Screws               45 in/lbs